Notices: The 19th International Exhibition of Raw Materials, Machinery, Equipment, Wood and Furniture will be held from February 18-21, 1400 at the permanent site of Tehran International Fair with the presence of Farsad Machine Company, we are waiting for your visit.

Farsad Sanat Alborz | Manufacturer of unloading and remote control machines
of the year 1386
Welcome to Alborz for Farsad Industry (Farsad Machine)
Farsad Sanat Alborz Technical Engineering Company (Farsad Machine) started its work in the fall of 2007 in Tehran-Iran with the aim of designing and manufacturing various types of wood industry machines. In technical and engineering affairs and mastery of advanced engineering software, is engaged in designing, manufacturing and producing all kinds of machines required by the wood industry and high quality and reasonable price along with customer-oriented studies and respect for the rights of esteemed consumers, Farsad Company Alborz Industry has become a leading manufacturer of wood industry machinery in Iran

* Our customers are carpenters, carpenters and MDF workers. Those who combine taste and art, wood and technology to create beautiful wooden products and products such as: all kinds of office furniture and home furniture, all kinds of tables and chairs, all kinds of doors, all kinds of cabinets, Types of cribs for babies, children and adults and. . . . . Are busy

* All members of the board of directors, as well as managers and staff of the company, do not spare any effort for the growth, survival and promotion of the company. And development, by identifying the new needs of the market and customers and producing new products, ensure the growth and survival and ultimately profitability of the company. they take

* Customer satisfaction is one of the main pillars of the company, and we company managers first of all care about customer satisfaction and benefit, then our financial benefit, because we believe that the best marketers of the company are our (satisfied) customers

Our main motto: Customer brings customer

* Active research and development unit every year with the introduction of a new product has caused the decline of Alborz industry over other competitors. One year unconditional warranty and ten years after-sales service will confirm this

Also, the location of the board of directors in the factory and constant monitoring of the production line and interaction with various units located in the factory has caused the products to be of higher quality than competitors

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Farsad Sanat Alborz

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