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CNC engraving machine on wood and MDF, professional model, with the ability to build in custom dimensions, suitable for factories with medium workload, equipped with computer, manual lubrication and pneumatic bag, etc.

CNC Engraving Machine - Hand Tool Replacement




FSA-CM- 2137

dimensions of the device

175x370 cm

240x500 cm

270x500 cm

Dimensions of the desk

122x244 cm

183x366 cm

210x366 cm

Z-axis working range

cm 25 ... 35: custom

Movement speed of X, Y, Z axes

40,40,20 M/Min

Main electric motor (spindle)

Custom: Manufacturer HQD, HSD --- Power: 4.5 / 7 kV --- Engine speed 18,000 / 24,000 Rpm

The driving force of the axes

Servo motor

Spindle cooling system

cool air

Replace tools


Equipped with computer and standing computer panel / Equipped with pneumatic bag

 Equipped with automatic central lubrication system / Equipped with Z Sensor

Material of Y, Z axis plates: Aluminum / Head bases: Integrated cast iron

X, Y Axis Movement System: Rack & Pinion

Z-axis movement system: Bolt and screw (Ball Screw)

Device control system

Custom: Industrial Control / PCBase (Radonix)

Electrical panel

Equipped with electrical panel with all protective equipment


Normal: 7..10 kW - three phase - 380 volts

Chassis of the device

Made of industrial profiles

Device weight

2000 Kg

2800 Kg

3000 Kg

Table material

Custom: Bone fiber, aluminum, aluminum profiles

Device color

Covers of the device: Electrostatic powder paint - Chassis of the device: Polyurethane paint

Custom features

Circulating oil vacuum pump, 250/300 cubic meters per hour

Twin suckers

Add the fourth axis and the fifth axis

Change the color of the device to customer order

Ability to change the dimensions of the device to the customer's order

Circulating oil vacuum pump, 250/300 cubic meters per hour

Twin suckers

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