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Vacuum press machine
Device introduction:
From vacuum press machine to stick all kinds of PVC veneers, natural veneers and leather veneers on my surfaces. January. F. (Plain or tooled) is used. After the MDF is patterned into different designs and shapes (tools) by the CNC machine, the welder will have two options, painting the workpiece or gluing the veneer on it.
In the second case (gluing the veneer) due to the great variety of PVC veneers, the end consumer will have a wide choice to choose the color and design of the veneer. Also, another advantage of gluing the veneer on the MDF surface, Very high resistance to water penetration and moisture.
Farsad vacuum press machines with modern technology and with a very easy and simple method of operation, stick all kinds of coatings with different thicknesses and designs on the workpiece.
The final product of this device is used in the manufacture of cabinets, room doors, door covers, bedding, office furniture, etc.
The working size of the device will be designed and made according to the customer's order. Usually, due to the width of PVC available in the market, the working width of the machine is 140 and 125 cm. There is usually no limit during the working length.
The chassis of the devices is made of high standard industrial profiles with high thickness, which is provided by the most reputable companies manufacturing profiles in Iran. The heat chamber is for heating the coating and activating the adhesive on the MDF surface, which is made of sheet metal. It is made of galvanized steel, electric elements are also used to generate heat. An oil vacuum pump is used to vacuum. All devices of this company are equipped with a complete electrical panel with the required protective equipment.
Different types of machine vacuum presses:
The number of worktops of the device as well as the method of moving the thermal chamber of the device causes a variety of vacuum presses. The mechanism and process of vacuuming are similar in all these models and are not much different from each other.
Worn press machine models:
1. Wagon vacuum press (rail or sliding)
a. Single tray vacuum press
b. Two-tray vacuum press
c. Three-tray vacuum press
2. Single tray vacuum press

This model of vacuum press machine has at least two separate chassis and its dimensions and size are different according to the number of work trays.
The movement of the heat chamber on the work trays is wagon and it moves manually or automatically (electrically) on the rails located on both sides of the chassis.
Advantages :
* Due to the multiplicity of tables, the customer can order the number of tables with the required dimensions (width and length of the worker) and thus increase the ability of the device to use a variety of covers and prevent wastage of covers as much as possible. N. The standard width of PVC roll in Iran is 125 and 140 cm, which is usually used as a small table (125) for vacuuming room doors and a large table (140) for arranging and vacuuming cabinet doors, crowns, etc. .
* High work speed in the overall work process.
Note: Due to the fact that there is only one heating chamber, so the vacuum process time (turning on the elements and continuing the process) is no different from single-tray and elevator models, just because there are more desks (two or three tables) While one desk is performing the vacuum process, the other operator can cut and disassemble the Chinese support side tables, which speeds up the workday.
* This device is suitable for workshops with a lot of space due to its dimensions and size (according to the number of work trays), so it is not recommended at all for small workshops.
* Due to the movement of the wagon on the workpiece and the limited distance between the workpiece and the heat chamber, the operator to perform the bending operation (adding silicone) is limited by the bending radius relative to elevators.
What is a single lift tray vacuum press and how does it work?
This model of vacuum press has a work table (vacuum table) and is suitable for workshops with space constraints. The heating chamber (Heating Box) goes up and down vertically (elevator) and will be able to be produced in different working sizes.
The mechanism of movement of the thermal chamber can be pneumatic or hydraulic, along with rails and wagons. One of the advantages of this model compared to wagon models is that by adding a silicone plate, it is possible to bend with a greater bending radius than wagon vacuum presses.
The steps for using a vacuum press machine are as follows:
* First, the MDF piece. Thoroughly clean the desired (by polishing sandpaper) so that the work surface and tools of the workpiece is completely smooth and without lint.
Note: The smoothness and cleanliness of the work will have a great impact on the quality of the final work.
* Then, with a suitable pistol, we impregnate the desired workpiece with membrane glue. The isolation of the glue room and the gluing environment from wood pollen, dust, etc. will be very important and affect the quality of the final work.
Membrane adhesive: The main cause of adhesion of PVC layer on wood are special adhesives and two components that are activated by heat. These adhesives are sold as polyurethane adhesives and membrane adhesives.
* Turn on the elevator single tray vacuum press machine and set the heat chamber to the highest possible position. Depending on the workpiece and the amount of surface coverage of the workpiece (surface on the work or sides of the work (male work)), we act on the Chinese support on the table.
* Then put the workpiece impregnated with glue on the supports and cover the PVC. On the roll holder frame at a suitable distance from the work surface.
Note: When placing the cover on the table, make sure that the workpieces do not move and the porcelain support does not break.
* Then lower the heat chamber and place it on the roll holder frame.
* Issue the illuminated command of the elements and adjust the appropriate temperature according to the thickness of the coating and the type of coating. has it.
* After preparing the coating and activating the adhesive due to heat, the command to turn on the vacuum pump is issued and the vacuum process begins.
Note: After applying heat to the PVC coating, the coating becomes very flexible and may shrink, wrinkle and stick to the work surface, which causes problems in the vacuum process and greatly reduces the quality of work. To prevent this from happening, the operator should immediately turn off the vacuum pump as soon as he sees wrinkles and lift the cover off the work surface by opening the anti-wrinkle valve and blowing air under the cover (as opposed to the vacuum process). Remove, and turn on the vacuum pump again.
* After finishing the work and properly adhering the cover on the work surface and zero vacuum pressure, we separate the workpieces from the table and throw them away.
If you also feel that you can grow your business by purchasing a vacuum press machine (single-lift elevator vacuum press, rail vacuum press), refer to other content on Farsad Sanat Alborz (Farsad Machine) website and get more information. Contact us about the technical specifications and price of the vacuum press machine.
Farsad Sanat Alborz (Farsad Machine) using the knowledge and experience in the wood industry, has the ability to sell, install and operate a variety of vacuum presses throughout the country for you dear ones.
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