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Forming machine
Forming press machine is used for forming and bending MDF layers as well as gluing all kinds of natural wood veneers on MDF surface. To perform these processes, the device is equipped with a silicone plate with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm with very high tensile strength and thermal resistance.
Farsad press forming machines with modern technology and with a very easy and simple method of operation, stick all kinds of natural coatings with different thicknesses and designs on the workpiece.
It should be noted that the machine wear forming machine has the ability to separate the frame equipped with silicone, turn it into a normal elevator vacuum press to stick all kinds of PVC coatings on my surfaces. January. F. (Plain or tooled).
The final product of this device is used in the manufacture of cabinets, room doors, door covers, bedding, office furniture, etc.
The working size of the device will be designed and made according to the customer's order. Usually, due to the width of PVC available in the market, the working width of the machine is 140 and 125 cm. There is usually no limit during the working length.
The chassis of the devices is made of high standard industrial profiles with high thickness, which is provided by the most reputable companies manufacturing profiles in Iran. The heat chamber is for heating the coating and activating the adhesive on the MDF surface, which is made of sheet metal. It is made of galvanized steel, electric elements are also used to generate heat. An oil vacuum pump is used to vacuum. All devices of this company are equipped with a complete electrical panel with the required protective equipment. If you also feel that you can grow your business by purchasing a press forming machine, refer to other content on Farsad Sanat Alborz website (Farsad Machine) Please refer to us for more information about the technical specifications and price of the press forming machine.
Farsad Sanat Alborz (Farsad Machine) using the knowledge and experience in the wood industry, has the ability to sell, install and operate a variety of vacuum presses throughout the country for you dear ones.
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