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What is CNC?
CNC is an English abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control. This phrase means digital control of a computer, which means operating and controlling industrial machines using a computer. A CNC machine is a tool that can make changes using metal or wood using a computer.
What is a CNC machine?
If you still do not know what a CNC machine is, the continuation of this explanation will be a good answer to your questions. This machine is actually an industrial milling machine that is controlled and guided using computer software. These softwares minimize human interference in cutting and shaping wood. Using this machine, a person can prepare all milling and woodworking designs using appropriate graphic software and leave the rest to the CNC machine.

Introduction of CNC machine worn machine:
The wood CNC machine is used for engraving, inlaying, creating three-dimensional patterns on wood and mdf surfaces, as well as cutting. Using this machine, the operator can prepare all milling and wood machining designs using appropriate graphic software, and after selecting the appropriate tool, entrust the execution of the work to the machine. This device is used in factories for making all kinds of cabinets, room doors, door covers, bed sets, office furniture, etc.
Car wear machines are produced in two general models:

The working size of the device can be made according to the customer's needs, which is usually proportional to the size of the MDFs available in the market. 2 manual tool switches are available, in power (usually 4.5, 7, 9 kW) and different cycles (usually 18000 and 24000 rpm) which are provided according to customer requests from world-renowned brands.

The next main part is the moving bases of the machine, which is made of cast iron (integrated casting) and is prepared and polished by the most modern CNC milling machines in the machine mill.
Rack and pinion (diagonal shoulder gear) are used to move the x, y axis. Screw wing (Mardon screw) is used to move the z axis. The machine table is usually made of bone fiber, designed with netting and equipped with vacuum valves to divide the work table.
The controller of the device is in two ways according to the customer's order:
1 PC base controller (with computer)
2 - Industrial controller
Motor motors of X, Y, Z axes, according to the customer's choice in normal mode for professional devices: servo motor and for economic devices: step motor (which is finalized at the time of order registration). All devices of this The company is equipped with a complete electrical panel with the required protective equipment.
For more information, refer to the technical specifications mentioned in the catalog.
If you also feel that you can grow your business with the purchase of Farsad Machine Machine CNC machine, refer to other content on Farsad Sanat Alborz (Farsad Machine) website and get more information about the technical specifications and price of the machine. CNC Wood Contact us.
Farsad Sanat Alborz (Farsad Machine) by using the knowledge and experience in the wood industry, has the possibility of selling, installing and setting up various types of wood CNC machines throughout the country for you dear ones.
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