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After-sales service for worn out cars

Manufacturer of vacuum presses, CNC, sandpaper for wood polishing in the country

The group managers considered the after-sales service unit of Farsad Machine as one of the main pillars of the organization at the same time as the establishment of this company, and it has started its activity since that time with the slogan (best quality) as soon as possible). With the passage of time and increased efforts to better respond to customers, Farsad Machine aftersales service unit has distinguished itself from other brands in the market of these products in the following four divisions:

  • Attracting qualified cadres and specialized training for these people in the school equipped with Farsad Sanat Alborz
  • Speed ​​in providing services face to face
  • Phone support to speed up response and reduce customer costs
  • Maximum supply of machine parts and accessories
Dear customers, for direct contact with the after-sales service unit of Farsad Car, you can contact   76214830 - 021   keep in touch.
Sales and pre-purchase unit questions: Mr. Saadani:   09128387204   Mr. Eng. Haqiqat:   09124829063  
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Farsad Sanat Alborz

Dear Sirs, You can just wait for the call of Alborz Sanat Fars sales experts to register your order and purchase instructions by registering and calling your number.


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